The Waldgeist & Me

ROLE: director, designer, writer and animator

A dark tale of Love & Dismemberment.

Made at the Royal College of Art

With lots of help from the following wonderful people -

OSWALD SKILLBARD - Sound and Music design! -

MATT KING - Narrated it! -

Animation help from the wonderful and kind -

Ferenczy AndrĂ¡s -
Loup Blaster (Loup did loads) -
John Clinch -
Thea Glad -
Oliver Hamilton -
Doug Hindson -
Sumaya Kilani -
Matt King (a different one) -
Joe Sparkes -
Joe Sparrow -
Imogen Woolley -
Tara Wood -

And actual real instrument performances by

Panos Ghikas - violin
Johannes Von Weizsacker - cello

And additional sound design by

Patrick Goodden -

There's also a load about it on my Tumblr! -
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