Monsters in the Machine

I made this lil' film for the kindly folk at MASSIVE. It was part of a series of seven films celebrating Frankenstein's Birthday.

Thanks to Nadja Oertelt and Harriet Bailey for getting me involved! And thanks to Skillbard for doing wonders with the sounds (again).


Check the rest of them out, they're all rather good.

  • EPISODE 6 of Reanimation! Science Stories about Frankenstein. What have we learned from science's most infamous doctor-patient relationship? A seven part series created by seven animation teams and twelve scientists, writers, engineers, physicists and an archaeologist, on the lasting impact of Shelley's famous work. The series delves into the origins of life and consciousness, toolmaking, artificial intelligence, augmented bodies and minds, and the ethics of playing God. Check out the full series: Reanimation! Science Stories about Frankenstein

Episode 6 Words by
Daniel Bear, neuroscientist and AI researcher
Margaret Wertheim, science writer and curator
Braden Allenby, environmental ethicist and environmental attorney
Direction and Animation by Joe Bichard
Sound + Music by Skillbard
A Co-Production of Massive + Plympton +
Producer Harriet Bailey
Senior Producer Nadja Oertelt
Executive Producers Ed Finn + Bob Beard +

Produced for the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project at Arizona State University
In partnership with the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab
Supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

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